Pam - Jackson, MS

"I received my Flowerpotz scarf before I left the hospital after my double mastectomy.  It was a real blessing.  I even wore it while I slept."

Sarah - St. Louis, MO

"When the Flowerpotz scarf arrived it was super easy to figure out and it hid the drains so I could leave the house and feel normal.  It also took the weight off my surgical area.  I did not take it off for one minute while I had my drains." 

Rachel - Jackson, MS

"I am an 11 year breast cancer survivor.  My 92 year old mother-in-law was diagnosed and had a breast removed.  What a wonderful invention.  Even around the house its so convent." 

Carol - Grass Valley, CA

"I just received one of your shower scarves from nurse navigator and I'd like to thank you for devising something that will make it so easy to take a shower after my surgery!........I'm in awe of people like you who've come up with something to make lie easier during a stressful time.  Thank you, thank you!"

Matty - Greenville, MS

"Thank y'all so much for sending two of your scarves!  They are amazing and have already made my wife so much more comfortable.  Y'all have by far the best product on the market for people coming out of mastectomies and anyone coming out of surgery with drains; it isn't even close"

Terri - Jackson, MS

"I've had 16 cheomotherapies and then surgery Friday.  Doing well.  You have to know what a blessing your scarves have been.  I was unsure how I'd handle the drain thing and y'all came to the rescue.  More of a blessing than you'll every know.  I was excited to have th surgery done but wasn't prepared for how I would react to the appearance afterwards.  Had two sad days but had rallied and doing well.  Thank you for making this an easier experience.  Means the world."