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Stephanie Williams along with her husband and two children live in Flora, MS.  Stephanie works full time with her husband, Craig, at their company, Midsouth Elevator.

Susan Steckler along with her husband and five children live in Jackson, MS.  Susan helps her husband, Dr. David Steckler, run his practice, Mississippi Center for Plastic Surgery.

Our history

My name is Stephanie Williams and I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011.  After my double mastectomy I came home with drains and had no idea what to do with them.  I was give a "pocket necklace" from the hospital to carry the drains.  I wanted to hide them so I could go about my day feeling more normal.  I asked my mother to make me a scarf with pockets to conceal my drains.  I wore it to my follow up appointment with Dr. Steckler and he loved it!  Susan, his wife and I were friends so she and I started Flowepotz that day!  We later added the shower scarf which allows patients to shower independently.  This has been VERY popular. 

Our mission

Our mission is to provide all surgery patients with drains the most comfortable and stylish option to continue with their daily lives and routines without being self-conscious. 

We are women who must get up and get moving.  We have jobs to do, children to be taken care of and carpools to be run.  We do not have time to stay at home because the world around is still moving, so we must also. 

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5810 N Commerce Plaza Drive, Jackson, MS 39206, US

(601)500-0180 or (601)942-2765

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