After you have a bilateral mastectomy, it feels like an elephant sat on your chest. Add to that the awful bulb drains and tubes and you feel even bulkier.  My friend told me she was sending a scarf to hide the drains and I checked the mail every day waiting for it.  When the Flowerpotz scarf arrived, it was so easy to figure out and it hid the drains so that I could leave the house and feel normal. It also took the weight off of my surgical area.  I did not take it off for one minute while I had my drains and I can't wait to pass this on in order to help another woman in this same situation.


St. Louis, MO

As the breast health navigator at Baptist, I love knowing that I can give our patients something that is going to make their experience and journey better. We are blessed to have funds through the Baptist Foundation to provide our patients having breast surgery with Flowerpotz scarves. The Flowerpotz concealing scarf is the perfect way to help patients have one less stress after surgery. Our patients like the fact that the scarves are comfortable, stylish, and above all serve their purpose well. The patients also love to hear the story of how a survivor used her journey to help create something for others.

Adrienne Smith Russell, RN, MSN, CBPN-IC

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